And the Oscar Goes To… (Season 4, Episode 7)

Marvelous Mike & Friends are back with an all NEW episode featuring a recap of the 84th Academy Awards, a preview of the Michigan Primary, and …um… whatever is happening in the Sports World (we’re sure something is happening).

Also, a preview of the NEC Playoffs with the Lady Seahawk, Brittany, and a special Oscar-themed Top 5! Plus Marvelous Mike’s epic rant over losing Twitter followers in his #QuestFor100! (@Marv_Mike)

00:00:00 Opening

00:01:09 Monologue

00:26:39 The Lady Seahawk Brittayn Chiaffarano

00:45:23 Sports with Hilarious Harry

00:57:04 Politics with Democratic Dave

01:08:13 Top 5 Oscar Surprises

01:09:32 Entertainment with Lovely Laura

01:34:00 Closing


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