All’s Fair in Love and Laser Tag (Season 5, Episode 2)

The Fifth Season of Marvelous Mike & Friends continues with this all new episode. Diana, Michael’s Gal Tuesday Thru Sunday, is back and regales how she, Michael’s Gal Monday Joanna, and Marvelous Mike spent the weekend laser tagging and racking up a whole lot of arcade tickets, which causes Hilarious Harry to reminisce back to the Good Ol’ Wagner Days and the time Marvelous Mike won a ‘signed’ Jets’ football.  Democratic Dave does a post-election round up for us and starts to set the scene for 2016, while Brittany, the perpetual Marvette of the Year, is still on a quest for Pumpkin Sangria. PLUS Anthony Lombardo, a longtime Marvelous Mike fan, is the first to try out for the position of Entertainment Correspondent, but what will happen when he knows more about drag racing than the weekend box office?

00:00:00 Station Identification
00:00:10 Opening & Monologue
00:19:51 Brittany, The Marvette of the Year
00:38:04 Politics with Democratic Dave
00:47:01 The Adventures of the Senile Senator
00:56:30 Sports with Hilarious Harry
01:10:21 Entertainment with Special Guest Anthony “Luscious” Lombardo
01:22:02 Closing

Download HERE!

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