Luscious Lombardo Meets The Senile Senator (Season 5, Episode 3)

The Fifth Season of Marvelous Mike and Friends continues with this all new episode. Marvelous Mike is excited as this Sunday, his relationship with His Gal Tuesday Through Sunday will surpass that of his relationship with Snoopy’s Street Fair. Marvette of the Year Brittany joins us to discuss her favorite Hallmark Christmas movies, and still on the search for Pumpkin Sangria. Hilarious Harry gives his take on Robinson Cano’s free agency and his then joined by James McKeon to discuss Fantasy Football. Anthony “Luscious” Lombardo continues his quest to be the next Entertainment Correspondent, conducting an interview with the Senile Senator on his new book, “Three Men Go to the Moon.” PLUS Marvelous Mike unveils his new App of the Week, Hay Day.

00:00:00 Station Identification
00:00:10 Opening & Monologue
00:17:38 Brittany, The Marvette of the Year
00:32:35 Sports with Hilarious Harry
01:00:40 Fantasy Football with Hilarious Harry & James, the Jetsfan
01:15:45 Entertainment with Special Guest Anthony “Luscious” Lombardo & The Senile Senator
01:34:54 Closing

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