Seems Like Old Times (Season 5, Episode 1)

Marvelous Mike and Friends is back for an ALL-NEW Fifth Season. It’s been almost a year since we last checked in with our favorite gang, and it seems just like old times! Marvelous Mike discusses some of his harrowing experiences from taking the New York and New Jersey bar examinations over the summer, while Diana fills in for her sister as Michael’s Gal Monday. Brittany, our resident Marvette of the Year, discusses something of importance, we think it has to do with a pumpkin drink…Democratic Dave correctly (of course!) picks the winners in the big races on Election Day, while we check in on the Senile Senator as he tells us how he’s spent the last few months. Finally Hilarious Harry gives us an editorial on the recent Washington Redskins Naming Debate.

Stay with us for our Fifth Season for many more laughs, fun and discussion; special guests; and visits with former guests!

The Longest Running Show on the Minto Entertainment Broadcasting Network!

Download HERE!

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