Marvelous Mike Remembers: The Yellow Rose Saga (Season 6, Episode 4)

This is the episode you have been waiting for! It is time again for one of our favorite Valentine’s Day traditions – the annual retelling of “The Yellow Rose Saga: A Valentine’s Day Massacre.” Before we get to the saga, Marvelous Mike shares how the bitter New York temperatures left him locked out in the cold, and almost late for work! Then Marvelous Mike, Hilarious Harry, and Lovely Laura take the long painful journey back to 2008 for the tale of the Yellow Rose.  After the story is told and tears are shed, our hosts are joined by Listener Lauren who lightens the mood in the room by introducing the Marzipan Babies. Hilarious Harry shares his Valentine’s Day plans including a laser tag adventure.  Marvelous Mike wraps up the show with a tribute to Justice Antonin Scalia, including his encounter with the Supreme Court Justice.

This Week’s Top 5: “Signs She’s Just Not That Into You”

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Download the complete episode HERE!

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