Holiday Special 2012

Marvelous Mike & Friends is back for an ALL-NEW Fifth Season! The fun and laughs continue when Marvelous Mike teams up with his co-hosts as they catch up on the past few months. Marvette of the Year, Brittany Chiaffarno, chats about co-hosting the Minto Entertainment Thanksgiving Day Parade with Marvelous Mike as well as their guest appearances at a charity event last month. Hilarious Harry mourns the Philadelphia Eagles and what looks to be the closing of the Andy Reid Era in Cheesesteak Land. Democratic Dave tries his best to sum up the presidential campaign in 2 minutes, while Lovely Laura somehow manages to talk longer than 2 minutes for Entertainment! Plus our old friend, the Senile Senator, visits and talks about how he spent his Thanksgiving. Also premiering at the top of the podcast is the NEW Minto Entertainment Broadcast Network news tone.

Marvelous Mike & Friends is the place to be this holiday season!

00:00:00 Opening
00:01:10  Monologue
00:23:35  Marvette Time with Brittany Chiaffarano*
00:42:26  Politics with Democratic Dave
00:58:52  Sports with Hilarious Harry*
01:22:09  The Adventures of the Senile Senator
01:28:20  Entertainment with Lovely Laura
01:39:18  Closing Monologue

Due to technical issues, these segments were lost after their initial broadcast and not included in this podcast.

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Marvelous Mike Extra: The Senile Senator’s Commencement Address

This week we have a special extra from Marvelous Mike & Friends as the Senile Senator shares his commencement address with Marvelous Mike! Enjoy this bonus and get ready for our series finale on Monday, May 21 with the entire gang together one last time before the summer!

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YOLO is Sweeping the Country! (Season 4, Episode 15)

Marvelous Mike & Friends are back after a brief recess and the word on the street is still YOLO! Marvelous Mike shares updates on The 2012 Minty Awards, while Brittany, The Lady Seahawk, finds another excuse not to be present at this year’s ceremony. Democratic Dave previews the presidential race now that both nominees are set and ready to go. Hilarious Harry interrupts Lovely Laura’s Entertainment Segment to share what he called, “The greatest cinematic experience” of his life, “The Avengers.” Plus, the Senile Senator announces he will be giving a commencement address! Only 2 more shows this season, and the comedy is better than ever!

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It’s a Beautiful Day for a Ballgame (Season 4, Episode 12)

Marvelous Mike & Friends are back with their Easter & Opening Day Special! Brittany, The Lady Seahawk, gives us the recap of Wagner College’s annual Songfest and the fate of Marvelous Mike as the Dance Team’s videographer. Democratic Dave goes over how close Romney is to winning the GOP nomination, as well as some Passover customs that Marvelous Mike doesn’t quite get. Plus Hilarious Harry previews the 2012 MLB Season, and gives his review of The Hunger Games. With Lovely Laura & His Gal Monday Joanna. Also, each cast member shares some of their favorite Easter/Passover traditions!

00:00:00 Opening
00:01:08 Monologue
00:25:55 The Seahawk Sideline Report with Brittany, the Lady Seahawk
00:48:20 Politics with Democratic Dave
01:08:32 Sports with Hilarious Harry
01:30:10 Entertainment with Lovely Laura
01:51:28 Closing