Where Everybody Knows Your Coffee Order (Season 6, Episode 5)

Wouldn’t you like to get away to a place where everybody knows your coffee order? Marvelous Mike sure would. This week, Mike shares his musings from his weekly Starbucks trips – from Myrtle with her salad to the mysterious “Orange Girl.” Marvelous Mike and Hilarious Harry talk a little politics, and check-in with the “King Cake Baby Partner.” After her last visit to the podcast led to a glamorous trip to the Grammys, Jackie relives the Quest for Adele.  Hilarious Harry brings back an old segment Weird But True sharing the strangest novelty stories of the week. During the sports segment, Marvelous Mike and Hilarious Harry play the newest game that’s sweeping the nation: Baseball Player or Congressman? Finally, the podcast wraps up with TV Show of the Week and more King’s Things.

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The One Where Lovely Laura Returned

Marvelous Mike and Hilarious Harry return to bring you the very latest from bathroom etiquette to MORE King Cake in the workplace! This week we debut a NEW segment called “Facebook Obituaries” – where Marvelous Mike pulls social media tributes to dearly departed celebrities that may be a year or two (or twenty!) late. Jackie “Shrimpy” C. checks in to reveal the SHOCKING final results for her quest to meet Adele at the 2016 Grammys! Marvelous Mike raves about the unlimited soup and salad at the Olive Garden, and shares tweets from his new favorite twitter handle: Larry King’s @KingsThings. We check in with the Senile Senator as he reports from San Francisco, site of Super Bowl 50. The podcast wraps up with the RETURN of former “Marvelous Mike & Friends” Entertainment Correspondent Lovely Laura Dellavilla as she cashes in on two years worth of missed 30-second entertainment segments!

This Week’s Top 5: “Surprises of the The People vs. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Series Miniseries”

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Hello From the Other Side / Who Swallowed the Baby? (Season 6, Episode 2)

Marvelous Mike and Hilarious Harry are back! After thanking the growing listening audience in Sweden, the pair pay their respects to Abe Vigoda, also known as the Internet’s greatest death hoax. Marvelous Mike welcomes special guest Jackie C. who needs YOUR votes to win a trip to the 2016 Grammy Awards to meet musical idol Adele. The world’s largest Adele Super-fan has come to the Marvelous Mike Hour to keep her lead and get to the Grammy’s. Click HERE to Vote EARLY and OFTEN for Jackie! Next, the hosts share their concerns about someone in the workplace swallowing the baby baked into a King Cake, theories on the sonic booms rocking the Northeast, and the debut of the NEW listener mail segment: “The People vs. Marvelous Mike.” The podcast wraps with Super Bowl 50 prep, this week in Netflix, and the App of the Week.

This Week’s Top 5: “Governor Christie Responses to Winter Storm Jonas.

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