The One Where Hilarious Harry And Lovely Laura Hosted (Season 4, Episode 13)

Marvelous Mike is missing! Due to his intense Triskaidekaphobia (fear of the number 13), our regular Man of Not One-but-Two Hours left Lovely Laura and Hilarious Harry in charge of the 13th episode of the show! After a disastrous opening, they cover their Easter breaks, and Laura has to explain how the Easter Bunny is not the same as Santa Claus. The Marvelous One checks in to share how he’s updating his vocabulary to the 21st century! Democratic Dave weighs in on the GOP Race and fills us in on a strange Massachusetts holiday called Patriot Day. Plus Hilarious Harry rants about the MLB’s remarks about the Ozzie Guillen / Fidel Castro scandal, and Lovely Laura breaks the rules to talk more Hunger Games and Box Office Returns. Special appearance by Mr. Fabulous Bobby Pierre! You can’t afford to miss this episode! YOLO!

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It’s a Beautiful Day for a Ballgame (Season 4, Episode 12)

Marvelous Mike & Friends are back with their Easter & Opening Day Special! Brittany, The Lady Seahawk, gives us the recap of Wagner College’s annual Songfest and the fate of Marvelous Mike as the Dance Team’s videographer. Democratic Dave goes over how close Romney is to winning the GOP nomination, as well as some Passover customs that Marvelous Mike doesn’t quite get. Plus Hilarious Harry previews the 2012 MLB Season, and gives his review of The Hunger Games. With Lovely Laura & His Gal Monday Joanna. Also, each cast member shares some of their favorite Easter/Passover traditions!

00:00:00 Opening
00:01:08 Monologue
00:25:55 The Seahawk Sideline Report with Brittany, the Lady Seahawk
00:48:20 Politics with Democratic Dave
01:08:32 Sports with Hilarious Harry
01:30:10 Entertainment with Lovely Laura
01:51:28 Closing

“The Starving Game” (Season 4, Episode 11)

Marvelous Mike & Friends are back with more fun and surprises as we march toward April. Hilarious Harry agonizes over the latest Tim-Sanity in the Meadowlands as Tim Tebow arrives to the New York Jets. Lovely Laura gives her critique of “The Hunger Games” while Joey Lento joins us as our “Dancing With the Stars” resident expert. Plus a look at the new Wagner College Men’s Basketball coach as well as the fight for Obamacare before the Supreme Court. And a special visit with the Senile Senator!

00:00:00 Opening
00:01:08 Monologue
00:15:45 The Seahawk Sideline Report
00:24:14 Politics with Marvelous Mike(?)
00:31:02 Sports with Hilarious Harry 
00:47:17 The Adventures of the Senile Senator
00:57:40 Entertainment with Lovely Laura
01:24:15 Closing
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“And the Madness Continues!” (Season 4, Episode 10)

Marvelous Mike & Friends return after a weekend of all things Irish for more fun and laughs. Hilarious Harry talks about the Mets-Madoff settlement and the signing of Peyton Manning to Denver. Lovely Laura chats about the season premier of “Dancing With the Stars” and why she’s not too happy about the ‘Stars.’ Democratic Dave breaks down the Illinois GOP Primary, plus his exciting news on running for SBA President at Quinnipiac University Law School! Plus Brittany, The Lady Seahawk, gives up the latest on the rumors Dan Hurley is leaving Wagner for URI. Capping it all off is a visit from the Senile Senator who reveals to us the newest poll naming the least corrupt state in the Union.

00:00:00 Opening
00:01:08 Monologue
00:20:53 Sports with Hilarious Harry
00:43:34 The Adventures of the Senile Senator
00:50:40 Politics with Democratic Dave
00:58:17 The Seahawk Sideline Report with Brittany, the Lady Seahawk
01:14:04 Entertainment with Lovely Laura
01:38:51 Closing
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**Update** Since the show’s airing, Danny Hurley has accepted the head coaching job at the University of Rhode Island, and he and Bobby Hurley will be leaving Wagner College. Read more here.

Let the Madness Begin! (Season 4, Episode 9)

Marvelous Mike & Friends are getting ready for March Madness, and of course, there is much madness that ensues! Hilarious Harry gives his update on the quest for Peyton’s (New) Place. Lovely Laura explains the rage that is “The Hunger Games.” Democratic Dave handicaps the upcoming GOP primary races. And Brittany, The Lady Seahawk, and Lexi gives their predictions for March Madness. Also find out what happens when the Senile Senator tries to #STOPCONEY2012. Plus a special corporate apology from Marvelous Mike to Phil Colgan.

Opening 00:00:00

Monologue 00:01:00

The Seahawk Sideline Report with Brittany, The Lady Seahawk 00:10:18

Politics with Democratic Dave 00:35:45

The Adventure of The Senile Senator 00:45:54

Sports with Hilarious Harry 00:50:33

Entertainment with Lovely Laura 01:15:05

Closing 01:29:10

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We’re Bigger Than U.S. Steel (Season 4, Episode 8)

Marvelous Mike & Friends are back after their iTunes premiere! Brittany, The Lady Seahawk, & Marvelous Mike discuss the Wagner Seahawks coming up short in the NEC Tournament, while Hilarious Harry gives his thoughts on this year’s Best Picture “The Artist.” Plus the revealing of Marvelous Mike’s 100th Twitter Follower, The Senile Senator!

Opening 00:00:00

Monologue 00:01:09

The Seahawk Sideline Report with Brittany, The Lady Seahawk 00:16:50

Sports with Hilarious Harry 00:35:17

Politics with Democratic Dave 00:48:25

The Adventure of The Senile Senator 01:03:54

Entertainment with Lovely Laura 01:02:35

Closing 01:34:08

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And the Oscar Goes To… (Season 4, Episode 7)

Marvelous Mike & Friends are back with an all NEW episode featuring a recap of the 84th Academy Awards, a preview of the Michigan Primary, and …um… whatever is happening in the Sports World (we’re sure something is happening).

Also, a preview of the NEC Playoffs with the Lady Seahawk, Brittany, and a special Oscar-themed Top 5! Plus Marvelous Mike’s epic rant over losing Twitter followers in his #QuestFor100! (@Marv_Mike)

00:00:00 Opening

00:01:09 Monologue

00:26:39 The Lady Seahawk Brittayn Chiaffarano

00:45:23 Sports with Hilarious Harry

00:57:04 Politics with Democratic Dave

01:08:13 Top 5 Oscar Surprises

01:09:32 Entertainment with Lovely Laura

01:34:00 Closing


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“Marvelous Mike Remembers: The Yellow Rose Saga” (Season 4, Episode 5)

Marvelous Mike & Friends prepare for Valentine’s Day with the annual retelling of “A Valentine Day’s Massacre: The Yellow Rose Saga.” Listen to what happens when Marvelous Mike falls in love with a girl who live half way across the country–the comedy is sure to ensue!
Plus your weekly dose of Sports, Politics, Entertainment & The Seahawk Sideline Report! With a special guest appearance by the Senile Senator.

00:00:00 Opening
00:01:22 Monologue
00:09:55 The Yellow Rose Saga
00:34:18 The Seahawk Sideline Report
00:44:01 Politics with Democratic Dave
00:57:23 Sports with Hilarious Harry
01:02:53 The Adventures of the Senile Senator
01:09:40 Entertainment with Lovely Laura
01:27:29 Closing

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A Show of “Super” Porportions – Season 4, Episode 3 (1/30/12)

Marvelous Mike & Friends
Season 4, Episode 3
A Show of “Super” Proportions

00:00:00 Opening
00:01:05 Monologue
00:27:13 The Seahawk Sideline Report with Brittany Chiaffarano
00:35:25 Sports with Hilarious Harry
00:48:20 Politics with Democratic Dave
00:58:48 The Senile Senator
01:08:28 A Visit from Awesome Allie
01:13:15 Top 5 Ways to Spend Super Bowl without Watching the Game
01:14:55 Entertainment with Lovely Laura
01:35:20 Theatre Time with Jessica Lucchesi
01:51:30 Closing

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We’re Back! – Season 4, Episode 1 (1/16/12)

“Marvelous Mike & Friends”
Original Airdate: Monday, January 16, 2012

Marvelous Mike begins the 4th Season of “Marvelous Mike & Friends” in grand style with the return of Hilarious Harry, Democratic Dave, His Gal Monday Joanna, and the Marvettes. The premiere even features a special Top 5 and visit from the Senile Senator. Take a listen for the best in sports, news, politics, entertainment, and ‘everything in between!’

00:00:00 Station Identification
00:00:10 Opening
00:01:54 Monologue with Marvelous Mike, His Gal Monday Joanna & Hilarious Harry
00:19:33 Sports with Hilarious Harry
00:34:56 Politics with Democratic Dave
00:45:55 The Adventures of the Senile Senator
00:57:57 The Top 5 Reasons to Listen to the NEW ‘Marvelous Mike & Friends’
00:59:57 Entertainment with Hilarious Harry & His Gal Monday Joanna
01:09:11 Closing

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