Back With You Again (Season 7, Episode 1)

Marvelous Mike is BACK for an all NEW Season 7! This season kicks off the tribute to the upcoming 10-year anniversary of Marvelous Mike and Friends. Marvelous Mike, along with co-host Hilarious Harry, return to talk about the annual King Cake debacle, and check-in with the “King Cake Partner.” Next, we take a trip to beautiful Brigantine, New Jersey, to talk about this hidden gem of the Northeast. Marvelous Mike honors our “Fan of the Week” and provides an update to the Starbucks rewards program. With Presidents’ Day around the corner, our co-hosts try to guess the most and least popular presidents as ranked by C-SPAN. Hilarious Harry shares this week’s biggest news from Twitter, and Marvelous Mike comes up with a new game: Tweeting Celebrities. We close out the week with the fan-favorite King’s Things.

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The Blizzard of 2016! (Season 6, Episode 1)

Hello? Is this thing on? Well after an almost three year hiatus, Marvelous Mike is BACK in the ALL-NEW Marvelous Mike Hour! Marvelous Mike, along with co-host Hilarious Harry, return to the airwaves to discuss the new show format. This episode was recorded in the eye of Blizzard “Jonas” raging across the Northeast – and our fearless forecasting hosts give their own unique brand of reporting in the middle of the winter storm. Then Marvelous Mike takes us on a trip to a crown jewel of Staten Island, Rab’s Country Lanes, and Hilarious Harry shares the story of how he received a new nickname at the local Chilis restaurant. Special guest Joey Caramanno connects us to not one, but two, presidential hopefuls as they update us on their campaigns! We also check back in with an old (literally) friend, plus this week’s Top 5 list: “Reasons to Tune In to the ALL-NEW Marvelous Mike Hour.”  So put away the snow shovel, grab a hot cocoa, and enjoy the NEW Marvelous Mike Hour!

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