We’re Bigger Than U.S. Steel (Season 4, Episode 8)

Marvelous Mike & Friends are back after their iTunes premiere! Brittany, The Lady Seahawk, & Marvelous Mike discuss the Wagner Seahawks coming up short in the NEC Tournament, while Hilarious Harry gives his thoughts on this year’s Best Picture “The Artist.” Plus the revealing of Marvelous Mike’s 100th Twitter Follower, The Senile Senator!

Opening 00:00:00

Monologue 00:01:09

The Seahawk Sideline Report with Brittany, The Lady Seahawk 00:16:50

Sports with Hilarious Harry 00:35:17

Politics with Democratic Dave 00:48:25

The Adventure of The Senile Senator 01:03:54

Entertainment with Lovely Laura 01:02:35

Closing 01:34:08

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